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The Northern Illinois Transport Team is in DESPERATE need of medium to large sized car carriers to accomplish our goal. Currently drivers utilize their own personal carriers to accomplish transport. This presents a problem when we are doing large pulls saving many lives or on transports that require multiple "legs" requiring the cat to be moved from carrier to carrier. It is stressful on the animal and also presents a risk to drivers.

We would appreciate your donation of your used carrier to further accomplish our mission. Since we are not currently a 501 C, many venues of income for the purchasing of equipment are closed to us. It is only through the donation of your carrier can we hope to continue to expand.

Please complete the below form and click submit and a representative will be in contact with you. One of our drivers will stop by and pick up your carrier.

Thank you for helping us, help them.

NITT Carrier Donation Project


Saving lives one mile at a time!

Northern Illinois Transport Team. A volunteer FELINE transport group. Visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/North.IL.TT/

Northern Illinois Transport Team