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Saving lives one mile at a time!

Northern Illinois Transport Team. A volunteer FELINE transport group. Visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/North.IL.TT/

We originally formed to serve the northern part of Illinois however, we are  now planning to expand our service to the entire Midwest region so please do not hesitate to join based solely on our name. NITT is only possible through the efforts of our volunteers and members. We have two tiers of membership. Volunteers and General members.

Volunteers fit into two categories. Drivers and Overnights Hosts, or is you are so inclined, both.

DRIVERS: Most of NITT’s transports originate from Chicago Animal Care and Control located at 2741 South Western Avenue, Chicago, IL. We are looking to expand to other local shelters in the Northern Illinois region. “Pulls”, the process of obtaining a hold order by an approved rescue and removing the cat from the facility, generally happen anywhere from 9 am to 7 pm. Drivers take on “legs”, generally not exceeding 30 to 40 minutes to hand off to another driver for our longer transports. Since NITT averages a transport every 36 hours, drivers are asked to use their own carriers and transfer the cat to the next driver’s carrier on each handoff, following NITT guidelines. NITT also maintains a supply of carriers for special transports. No funds are available for gas reimbursement, and transports are strictly on a volunteer basis.

OVERNIGHT HOSTS: Hosts are equally important to NITT accomplishing its goal. Since many cats are under the threat of euthanasia, sometimes by 7 pm the same day we obtain the request, NITT sometimes requests emergency overnight housing to avert their death. Hosts are required to be able to keep the cat in an isolated area such as a bathroom, to prevent the transmission of any illnesses to their animals. Drivers deliver the cat to the host and pick them up, generally within 24 hours of delivery to complete transport.

Hosts are also crucial to our mission to coordinate more complicated transports or during times of inclement weather. Again, no funds are currently available for reimbursement and hosting is done strictly on a volunteer basis.



GENERAL MEMBERSHIP: NITT is an open group page, meaning anyone can view its content but to be able to post, (which must first be reviewed and approved by an administrative member), the individual must first join. To join, simple click the "JOIN" button directly on the groups image on the lower right side of the image.

General members are invited to transport events automatically when one occurs and are also requested for input when various matters arise.

Additionally, they are also invited to sign petitions for animal right issues and to vote in certain fund raising campaigns. We request all NITT participants, including volunteers, to participate in this tier of membership. They are also requested to share our page and invite other interested parties to NITT.

To join as a general member, just visit our Facebook page and click on the JOIN button. The sample image here is also a link to take you directly to the page.

General Membership

Northern Illinois Transport Team