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Saving lives one mile at a time!

To view this video full screen on youtube, please pause this one and CLICK HERE

Please consider becoming a CACC Cat Transfer Team volunteer today!

Kitten season is upon us and the shelter will fill up quite quickly. And when the facility runs out of room, there is no choice but to euthanize animals, kittens included.

Bottle baby feeding is one of the biggest problems during this time as many kittens are brought in without their mother. With no means of feeding them, the facility is forced to euthanize them rather than allow them to starve to death.

A cruel reality. It is only with YOUR help can there be a difference!

January 2015 Statistics Review

Amazing increases is saved cats from same period last year.

Save a life. Fill out a Foster Application today.

Without fosters none of this would be possible.

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Videos courtesy of the Chicago Animal Care and Control Cat Transfer Team volunteers. Take a moment to follow the links and see what an awesome job they do. We are proud to say we are mentioned at the 2:11 mark.

The CACC Car Transfer Team Facebook page is run by VOLUNTEERS of Chicago Animal Care & Control. Their page was created with the intention of helping increase live outcomes for the animals at CACC. All animals featured are available to all approved Homeward Bound partners. To visit them, click the link. (Will open in new window).

Consider becoming a volunteer or foster and help save lives

Northern Illinois Transport Team. A volunteer FELINE transport group. Visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/North.IL.TT/

Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC) Cat Transfer Team Videos

Northern Illinois Transport Team